Frequently Asked Questions

Need help or technical support?

How often do you release new WordPress themes?

We don’t have a set schedule for releasing new WordPress themes. We believe in quality over quantity. Improving and upgrading our existing themes is just as important to us as releasing new themes.

Isn’t WordPress used only for blogging?

It’s a common mistake to think of WordPress as only a blogging platform. In fact, over the past few years WordPress has become a versatile content management system for professional sites and web applications, while still maintaining an ease of use and familiarity not found with other content management systems.

Can I use your themes on

Not at this time. Our themes are primarily designed and developed for usage with the free, self-hosted, open source WordPress platform from

Can I use the theme on multiple domains?

Yes. Unlike many website template solutions, our GPL licensing permits the use of our themes on multiple domains without any additional charges.

Do your themes work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes. All our themes are built using responsive web design. Responsive design ensures that your site is optimized for all types of computer devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Are your WordPress themes Search Engine Optimized?

Yes. By its nature, WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform. We have made extra steps with Mixamedia themes to maximize SEO potential, such as the proper usage and placement of the title, excerpts, headings and valid code. In addition, third party plugins can easily be added to further increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Can I display a blog on the theme?

Yes. We provide a blog page template with all of our themes. Our blogging templates make use of the Wordpress commenting and community features.

Can I add plugins and widgets to the theme?

Yes. All of our themes have widgetized sidebars, and many include widgetized footers and featured widget sections. You can install any plugin in your plugins folder to use with our themes, and most commercial plugins. However, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of all plugins — As there are thousands, many of which haven’t received an update for years. to learn more about WordPress plugins, visit this page.

Can I add video to your themes?

Yes. Video can be added in any page or post. Most Mixamedia themes provide options to include videos via WordPress’s Post Formats. In addition, videos can be added within any post or page.

Can you install WordPress and the theme for me?

We do not provide any installation services at this time. However, many hosting providers provide "one-click" auto-install of WordPress. Simply contact your own hosting provider and have them install WordPress for you. To learn about manually installing WordPress, please read the setup guide on the WordPress Codex.

Do you offer hosting for WordPress themes?

No. We do not provide web hosting services at this time. While there are thousands of web hosting companies in the marketplace, visit this page to learn more about the hosting providers recommended by WordPress.

How do I install a theme?

If you just purchased one of our themes, here is a quick guide to install it to your WordPress site:

Step 1: Upload the theme folder to your WordPress install. There are two ways of doing it:

a) Upload it manually in the wp-content/themes folder using an FTP client like FileZilla, Cyberduck, or Transmit.

b) Upload it through the WordPress user interface by clicking the Appearance → Themes menu. Click the “Install Themes” tab and then click the “Upload” link under the tabs.

Step 2: Install the theme in the Appearance → Themes tab.

Can I remove the footer credits to Mixamedia?

Yes. You are not required to provide any credit or links back to Mixamedia, although we do appreciate it. Our themes are all released under GPL licensing and are open source, so removing the links is an easy process.

How customizable are the themes?

We have provided several options for managing Mixamedia themes — including the ability to change the logo, background images and colors, link and highlight colors and various display options. However, these options do not necessarily consist of major modifications to the layout or design of the theme. Custom solutions of this nature can be made within the code of the theme files. If you require more extensive changes, please consider contacting us to request a quote for further customization.

Can I change the logo?

Yes. You are not required to provide any credit or links back to Mixamedia, although we do appreciate it. Our themes are all released under GPL licensing and are open source, so removing the links is an easy process.

Can I modify the theme code?

Yes. Our licensing permits the modification of theme code as much as you like after purchasing a theme from Mixamedia. However, due to obvious constraints, our support is only guaranteed for the original theme code. If you require more extensive changes, please consider contacting us to request a quote for further customization.

Can I change the link and theme colors?

Yes. Some of our themes contain additional options for changing link and highlight colors throughout the theme. Within other themes, links and additional theme colors may be changed within the theme’s style sheets. We have designed and developed the themes to make this an easy modification.

Do I need to purchase a theme to get support?

Yes. We only provide theme support to clients who have purchased a Mixamedia premium theme. We may request proof of purchase, and require you to provide a valid purchase code when requesting online support via email.

How long do I get support?

We offer theme related support for six months after the purchase of a theme. Your support account will be renewed with the purchase of any new themes. We may request validation of new purchases to ensure further theme support.

When is your support desk open?

We answer support questions everyday from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm (GMT+7), and reply to most questions within 24 hours. Busier periods take a little longer. Please see our frequently asked questions for more details.

Do you provide documentation and tutorials?

Yes. Theme documentation and tutorials are publicly available on our website. For further theme support, our full support services, and help desk are available to customers after the purchase of a theme.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is handled via email, from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm (GMT+7), and questions are generally answered within 24 hours. We also offer theme documentation for commonly asked questions. Please be sure to read through our support Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before requesting email support.

Can I get a refund?

We generally do not offer refunds, as there is no way to return a digital product. Unfortunately, it is one of the few tools we have to combat internet fraud. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the theme, we are more than happy to provide support and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can’t be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact us with an explanation of your situation.

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No. Mixamedia does not charge a monthly subscription fee. However, you must have purchased one of our Mixamedia premium themes to qualify to use our email Support. We may require a valid purchase code when requesting support via email.